Our Playrooms

Yellow Room (0-2 years)

The Yellow room provides a quiet, relaxing and safe space for your child creating a feeling of home from home.  We have a staff ratio of 1 adult to 3 children in this room, enabling your child to form a firm bond with the key members of staff


Babies and toddlers have ample opportunity to master the skills of sitting up, lying on their tummy, crawling and eventually walking with the space to develop their gross motor skills using soft mats, cushions and play blocks.  The resources provided are stimulating, capturing your child’s attention and extending their interest and curiosity through all the carefully planned activities.   Your child will have the opportunity to learn through an exploration of their senses with an array of various textures, colours, sounds and smells – not to mention messy play!

Green Room (2-3 years)

The Green Room offers a structured area for children to play, learn, explore and create which concentrates the mind to enhance a child’s focus and attention.   Much of the learning is through play, based on the child’s area of interest with extended learning by providing activities which are challenging and exciting.  This may be through imaginative play, creative art or even through construction and model making.  Your child can also enjoy activities which encourage number recognition as well as other mathematical concepts.  They have access to resources which help to develop their fine motor skills essential for developing early writing skills.


All activities are carefully planned by staff in order to support the transition to Primary School.  We have a strong emphasis on developing early literacy skills such as reading, speaking and listening and writing.  Throughout the nursery we offer a range of books and actively encourage children to look at books as well as talk about what is happening in the story (developing their communication skills) and eventually to begin reading.


We work hard to ensure all children are included and encourage the development of key social skills so that they are able to form positive relationships with each other and staff members in the setting.  Speaking and listening are essential components to good communication and we provide as many opportunities throughout the day for children to talk freely as well as encouraging them to talk about how they feel.   Sharing, turn-taking, saying thank- you and please encourages good manners which they take back home and into Primary School.



Blue Room (3-5 years)

This room offers a large open plan space for our young children to explore and learn with distinct areas for role and imaginative play where they are able to freely express themselves.  Children are also able to select a variety of toys of their choosing (cars, large building blocks jigsaws etc).  We have a reading/book corner where staff members regularly read to them and also share a childs book choice when they feel like reading in a comfortable space.  The activity area also offers a space for exploring different sounds through playing a range of musical instruments as well as talking about various topics of interest as well as their feelings.


The room allows children to creatively model make, paint as well as partake in planned activities which all cater to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  With sand and water and a host of other materials to explore, your child will really enjoy getting stuck in!  We have a ratio of one adult to every 4 children with each child being assigned a Key Worker.

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We have a a wonderful team of Early Years Practitioners who are passionate about caring for your child and supporting them to reach their full potential.  We achieve this through constant praise and encouragement allowing children to develop at their own pace in a safe and secure environment.  We pride...

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£35 per day for Over 2's     (£175 per week) £37 per day for Under 2's   (£185 per week) Registration Fee £10   Under 2's Time    Fee(£) Full day 07:30 - 18:00     37.00 Morning Session 07:30 - 13:00     23.00 Afternoon Session 13:00 - 18:00  ...

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